We are a Christian company of computer experts with the desire to provide ways for people to find & use Christian related companies.

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SFChristians Email Service

Tired of Junk e-mail's?

Want a way to share your faith easily?

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SFChristians offer you the ability to have a SFChristians.com email.  So instead of being Mary@hotmail.com or Carlos@Juno.com , Get a Sue@SFChristians.com today.  When you give out your email address to people, there will be an open door to share your faith.

To help cover the cost of the service, we will charge a nominal fee of $30.00 tax included for the year.  We WILL NOT give, sell, or trade your email address to anyone or any business.  Your email will be secure as far as SFChristians.com is concerned.

Once you signup with us, use the above login to retrieve your email.  Access it  from anywhere in the world where you have internet access.

Order Yours TODAY!


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Email address Requested: This will be used as your login id.
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Payment Information

Please make check payable to:

davTeks enTerprises, Inc.
14359 Miramar Parkway
Miramar, Florida 33027

To prevent cancellation of your e-mail. 
Mail check within 5 days of ordering. 

If wanting to pay by credit card.
 Please  Call Joe @ 305.226.6111 x301

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