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Advertising your business on MiamiChristian.com gives you the power of the #1 online Christian connection for South Florida.  Whether you want the visibility of a Top Banner Ad for your business or the flexibility to display and update your rotating events for your local church group... MiamiChristian.com has something for everyone.


Page / Category Type of Ad Cost
Homepage Top Banner $2,500.00 yearly
  Side Banner $1,000.00 yearly
Businesses Top Banner $1,000.00 yearly
  Listing $100.00 yearly
Events Top Banner - monthly $300.00
  Top Banner - bi-monthly $500.00
  14 days FREE!
  30 days $15.00
  60 days $27.50
  90 days $40.00
  180 days $50.00
Schools Top Banner $750.00 yearly
  1 listing $100.00 yearly
  2 listings $175.00 yearly
  3 listings $250.00 yearly
  4 or more listings $325.00 yearly
Job Market Top Banner $750.00
  1st listing - 30 days $20.00
  1st listing - 60 days $35.00
  1st listing - 90 days $40.00
  Additional listing - 30 days $15.00
  Additional listing - 60 days $30.00
  Additional listing - 90 days $35.00
Email Service Top Banner $750.00 yearly
  Have an email address $30.00 yearly
Churches Top Banner $750.00 yearly
  List your church FREE!
Heaven Top Banner $750.00 yearly
Musical Artists Top Banner $750.00 yearly
Current News Top Banner $750.00 yearly
How To Get Listed Top Banner $750.00 yearly
Contact Us Top Banner $750.00 yearly
Bible Search Top Banner $750.00 yearly

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